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Extra packing, bags big-beg, for export

Big-Begi (Big-Bag) - the polypropylene bags made of polypropylene flat film threads in the woven machine way. Initial raw materials for their production is polypropylene of the A4 brands - 71E, 21030, 01030, superconcentrates of dyes, antisplit, polyethylene.

Structurally big-beg represent strong bags with load-lifting elements - slings. The cover of a big-beg is made from polypropylene or kapron UF-stabilizirovannykh fabrics with the margin of safety allowing to operate big-beg in the wide range of temperatures. For protection against moisture and increase of ecological purity of works when loading and transporting powdery freights of a big-bega can be completed with external polyethylene covers or polyethylene inserts of various type.
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